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Beloved Organist Charlie Balogh Has Passed Away

Beloved and longtime organist Charlie Balogh passed away from complications of a stroke this week.
Organ Stop Pizza has truly lost a great talent and wonderful human being.
Charlie leaves behind an incredible legacy, especially in the organ world.
No words can express our sadness at Charlie’s death or our gratitude for his commitment and love for Organ Stop Pizza through the years.
Charlie’s brother has set up a go fund me account.

CHARLIE BALOGH is originally from Trenton, New Jersey. His Musical instruction began at age 11, continuing through classical organ instruction at Trenton State College. Charlie began his professional playing career at the Phoenix Organ Stop in 1973. In 1976, Charlie moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, performing at The Roaring   20’s restaurant (subsequently changed to Good Time Charley’s). His 14 year involvement there as a performer, musical director and owner was highly acclaimed. In 1991, Charlie returned home to Arizona with his family. In addition to performing at Organ Stop, Charlie is also a leading national concert artist, has many pipe organ recordings to his credit and was named “Organist of the Year” by the American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) in 2000.


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Arizona Bucket List

Guess who made the “Arizona Bucket List: 50 Outstanding Ways to Experience Arizona”?

“Featuring the largest Wurlitzer pipe organ in the world, Organ Stop Pizza offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a slice of pizza in an atmosphere like no other. Visitors will be able to enjoy some delicious pizza as they listen to both traditional and popular music played on the organ. Copies of the pipe organ music can be purchased at the gift shop on site, so you can enjoy the music anywhere.”

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Wurlitzer Whirl

Behind the Scenes with Charlie Balogh (Spotlight, page 56) rock the organ for the PHOENIX magazine crew at Organ Stop Pizza in our video.

Arizona Horizon Show featuring Organ Stop Pizza

Organ Stop Pizza

  • It may be one of Arizona’s best kept secrets. We’ll visit a Mesa restaurant where music, not food, is the main entrée. Organ Stop Pizza touts the world’s biggest Wurlitzer organ with nearly 6,000 pipes, 17 percussion instruments and two pianos. Originally installed at the Denver Theatre to accompany silent films, Organist Charlie Balogh says the additions and improvements that Organ Stop has made puts the organ’s replacement value at more than $4 million.

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