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Organ Stop Pizza

The most entertainingly affordable pizza in town
We don’t stop there however, offering specialty pizzas, pastas, appetizers, sandwiches, salad bar, desserts, a variety of soft drinks, beer, and wine.

Home of the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ

Each night in Mesa, Arizona, the largest theater pipe organ ever created rises above the audience on an 8,000-pound rotating hydraulic elevator to sit 10 feet above the 700-seat dining room. The organ has 1,074 keys, buttons, and switches linked to a series of xylophones, glockenspiels, gongs, and cymbals to create the sound of a full orchestra. Nightly shows also include dancing marionette cats, disco balls and spectacular light shows.
While diners sup below, four industrial blowers pump pressurized air through the 6,000 pipes of the 1927 Wurlitzer organ, which is insured for $5 million. The performance hall restaurant serves 300,000 visitors each year, while the organ plays classics like “The Flight of the Bumblebee,” “The Hills Are Alive” from “The Sound of Music,” “The Circle of Life” from “The Lion King,” the “Star Wars” theme, and “God Bless America.”
Tradition and Quality

We Aren't a Typical Restaurant

For 50 years, Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, Arizona has been a destination restaurant for customers of all ages.
Nostalgia and that trip down memory lane are second to seeing our kids experience the organ rising from the stage and the lights flashing and music shaking your bones. While many of the favorite songs remain the same for our generation, like Chattanooga Choo Choo, today’s kids requested and were treated to songs by Katie Perry and music from the Frozen and Moana movies.

The pizza menu at Organ Stop is full of build-your-own choices and specialty pizza, pasta, appetizers, and even a salad bar. There’s a beer and wine bar, a beverage station (by the glass or the pitcher for soft drinks), and the beloved ice cream station. When your order is ready, your number lights up on a number board and you grab your pizza to bring back to the dining hall or the balcony tables.

Videos of Organ Stop Pizza

Reserve your table now

Dinner reservations can be taken for groups of 20 or more, subject to time and availability restrictions. Please always check with us before making firm plans to ensure that space is available for the date and time you desire. (Additionally, please note that during the very busy months of December through March, on many days 4:30pm may be the latest accepted arrival time for reservations.)

Join Our Team

All things that make Organ Stop Pizza a great place to visit are also the things that make it a great place to work!
Organ Stop Pizza’s Mission is to be the premier family dining and entertainment facility in Arizona by providing our customers:
  • a clean, safe, fun, and inviting environment
  • a variety of appetizing and properly prepared foods
  • high-quality family-friendly entertainment
  • friendly, honest, and knowledgeable staff, and
  • excellent customer service.
Weekends, Days, and Nights are available!
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